Wednesday, December 25, 2013

Fizzy Work

I have to credit RoseAnna Schick of RAS Creative (our Winnipeg publicist for The Year Dolly Parton Was My Mom) for getting the ball rolling on what I will call my festive free-pass...

In her latest newsletter, RoseAnna posits that throughout the rest of the year, we self-starters are tethered to the creative, moral, financial (not necessarily in that order) imperative of keeping up with our work work or our art work or both. 

But come the Christmas tide, there's also holiday work that muscles its way into the top'ish position on our To Do list - giving us a split imperative to juggle. According to RoseAnna, this is cool. 

Go ahead and do the holiday work first, she says. It's only here for a short time and that other work will be right there where you left it after the holidays. Not only that, but you'll get that same sense of accomplishment from your holiday work well done - plus get to raise a glass or two as part of the job. 

So, taking a cue from Miss Schick, I'm off for a holiday week or so to do some fizzy work, back at the other stuff waiting patiently in the wings just after the New Year. 


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